Thursday, August 5, 2010

ROK It: The Definitive Puntime List

In keeping with my recent Seoul list, I thought I'd bang out a list of Republic of Korea puns that should be similarly off limits to anyone blogging about life in Korea. So, without further ado, let's ROK!

ROK and roll
ROK around the clock
I want to ROK with you
Keep on ROKin' in the free world
Is that freedom ROK? Well, turn it up!
ROK of ages
Old time ROK and roll
Rodney on the ROK
ROK of Gibraltar
Honey in the ROK
ROKing down the house
Surfing on a ROKet
ROK steady
King Tubby meets ROKers uptown
This is just a modern ROK song
For those about to ROK, we salute you
So you want to be a ROK 'n' roll star
Are you ready to ROK?
Block ROKin' beats
Combat ROK
Jailhouse ROK
ROK me gently
ROK me Amadeus
Don't stop the ROK
ROK and roll part 2
Bongo ROK
ROK music
I love ROK 'n' roll
ROK box
King of ROK
ROK radio
Soft ROK
Love and ROKets
Duck ROK
ROK paper scissors
ROKy road
ROK steady crew
Lover's ROK
ROK on

Thought of some more? Light up the comments.


  1. Hey Adam.

    Fraggle ROK
    ROKin chair
    little ROC Arkansas
    ROK and Roll High School
    ROKit (Herbie Handcock)
    The ROK (shitty actor/wrestler)
    stuck between a ROK and a hard place!

  2. I smell what the ROK is cooking!