Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jet Interview Preparation

Waiting. Waiting to hear from the JET Program to see when (or even if) my interview is. According to the American site for the JET Program, interviews start sometime next month. Canadian and English applicants have already been notified, apparently. This is driving me crazy.

The JET Program is my top choice for teaching English in Japan. It pays the most, offers the most assistance, and has high recommendations from former participants. I really want this job. However, getting back over to Japan is, for me, the most important thing, so if JET isn't going to work out then there's tons of other places to send my application to. I just haven't yet because I'm waiting to see about JET.

Then there's the interview. Will they be friendly, or will they be terrible? There's no way to guess. I've done long job interviews before so I know how stressful it can be. As long as I'm prepared and can have high confidence—after all, it's in their best interest to hire me because I'll do an awesome job—then I'll be fine. And if I don't get the job, then there are lots of other places that can use me.

I really want this job though.

(I didn't make that image, by the way. I think it's from Tofugu. I found it on Google image search.)


  1. I hope you hear from them soon but like you said there are a lot of other options if JET doesn't work out..

    Also, I love Tofugu. His video/blogs are hilarious.

  2. That's the skeleton army from Clash of the Titans, I think. I am a former JET and a current applicant. (I'm going back.) If you haven't gone yet, the JET interview will be both nice and terrible, and it will not be long. The JET program is easily the best option if you don't have a master's degree. I would almost say it would be better to do an intensive ESL master's degree and go to a university next year instead of going on some other program.

  3. My interview is tomorrow. I'm hoping for more nice than terrible but I'm trying to be ready for anything.