Friday, January 8, 2010

The Secret Life of Youtube Comments

Back in 2008 when I was living in Japan, I posted a short video of two baby monkeys playing at a monkey park to YouTube to illustrate a story on my then blog. Here it is.

For awhile no one commented, but then a funny thing happened. The more people randomly found it and commented, the more the comments took on a life of their own. It's as if the people didn't even watch the video and just commented based on what people had said before.

Here's the comments list, in its entirety.

  • thats so cute I love baby monkeys I want one
  • so cute
  • hehe this is kwl lol
  • cute
  • (So far, so good. Now watch what happens.)
  • LOL @ 0:24, "GIMME MY STICK BITCH!!"
  • if i had 2 monkeys id do that with banaanna
  • 69 forever
  • monkeys are awsome
  • lol so cute
  • that monkey got tea-bagged multiple times.
  • aww so cute lmfao 69
  • lol hes like gimmie the stick! then hes like fine ima hit u in the head then... SNEAK ATACK! then hes like we can share SIKE! then the other 1s like *sniffle* i wanted thats stick *sniffle* GIMMIE!!! NO!... SNEAK ATTACK! " FIGHT " THEN HES LIKE IM SITTING ON U!! HA HA!!!!! ROFL SOOO FUNNY
  • cute :)
  • is the one monkey jerking off the other at the end
  • hahahahaha thats what i thought.
  • -Judo floor practicing to me!
  • Borat: hotel scene...
  • wow what is he doing at the end???
  • Just like my junior school,but not the examining of the mating tackle!!!
  • stupid video
  • so cute
So there you go. This is the kind of inanity that 26,592 views will get you. Although, now that they mention it, it does look like something kind of fishy is going on there at the end.

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